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An independent British manufacturer of sports cars. Until 2006 it was based in the English seaside town of Blackpool, Lancashire, but has since split up into several smaller subsidiaries and has been relocated elsewhere. The company manufactured lightweight sports cars with powerful engines and was, at one time, the third-largest specialised sports car manufacturer in the world, offering a diverse range of coupés and convertibles. Most vehicles use an in-house straight-6 cylinder engine design; others an in-house V8. TVR sports cars are composed of tubular steel frames, cloaked in fibreglass bodywork.
Historic, Antique, Vintage, Classic, Contemporary Motorcars +1-513-793-0434
Jomar11956–1959Coventry Climax
Ford 100E Sidevalve
1098 cc
1172 cc
TVR Open Sports / Coupe1956–1957Coventry Climax
Ford 100E Sidevalve
BMC B-Series1098 cc
1172 cc
1489 cc
TVR Grantura I1958–1960Coventry Climax FWA
Coventry Climax FWE
Ford 100E Sidevalve
BMC B-Series1098 cc
1216 cc
1172 cc
1489 cc
TVR Grantura II1960–1961Coventry Climax FWE
Ford Kent 105E
BMC B-Series
BMC B-Series1216 cc
997 cc
1489 cc
1588 cc
TVR Grantura IIa1961–1962Coventry Climax FWE
Ford Kent 105E
Ford Kent 109E
BMC B-Series
BMC B-Series1216 cc
997 cc
1340 cc
1588 cc
1622 cc
TVR Grantura III1962–1963BMC B-Series1622 cc
TVR Grantura III 18001963–1965BMC B-Series1798 cc
TVR Grantura 1800S1964–1966BMC B-Series1798 cc
TVR Trident1965Ford Windsor V84727 cc
TVR Griffith 20011963–1964Ford Windsor V84727 cc
TVR Griffith 40011964–1967Ford Windsor V84727 cc
Martin Lilley Era
TVR Grantura IV 1800S1966–1967BMC B-Series1798 cc
TVR Tuscan V81967–1970Ford Windsor V84727 cc
TVR Tuscan V61969–1971Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR Vixen S11967–1968Ford Kent
BMC B-Series1599 cc
1798 cc
TVR Vixen S21968–1969Ford Kent1599 cc
TVR Vixen S31970–1972Ford Kent1599 cc
TVR Vixen 13001971–1972Triumph I41296 cc
TVR Vixen 25001971–1972Triumph I62498 cc
TVR Vixen S41972Ford Kent1599 cc
TVR 1600M1972–1973
1975–1977Ford Kent I41599 cc
TVR 2500M1972–1977Triumph I62498 cc
TVR 3000M1971–1979Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR 3000M Turbo1975–1979Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR Taimar1976–1979Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR Taimar Turbo1976–1979Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR 3000S1978–1979Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR 3000S Turbo1978–1979Ford Essex V62994 cc
TVR Tasmin 2001981–1984Ford Pinto I41993 cc
TVR Tasmin 280i1980–1984Ford Cologne V62792 cc
Peter Wheeler Era
TVR 280i1984–1987Ford Cologne V62792 cc
TVR 350i1983–1989TVR/Rover V83528 cc
TVR 350SX1985–1989TVR/Rover V8
+ Sprintex Supercharger3528 cc
TVR 400SX1989TVR/Rover V8
+ Sprintex Supercharger3948 cc
TVR 350SE1990–1991TVR/Rover V83947 cc
TVR 390SE1984–1988TVR/Rover V83905 cc
TVR 400SE1988–1991TVR/Rover V83948 cc
TVR 420SE1986–1987TVR/Rover V84228 cc
TVR 450SE1989–1990TVR/Rover V84441 cc
TVR 420SEAC1986–1988TVR/Rover V84228 cc
TVR 450SEAC1988–1989TVR/Rover V84441 cc
TVR S1986–1988Ford Cologne V62792 cc
TVR S21989–1990Ford Cologne V62933 cc
TVR S3(C)1991–1992Ford Cologne V62933 cc
TVR S4C1993–1993Ford Cologne V62933 cc
TVR V8S1991–1993TVR/Rover V83948 cc
TVR Griffith1992–2002TVR/Rover V83948 cc
4280 cc
4988 cc
TVR Chimaera1992–2001TVR/Rover V83948 cc
4280 cc
4495 cc
4988 cc
TVR Cerbera1996–2003AJP8 / Speed Eight4185 cc
4475 cc
1996–2003Speed Six3996 cc
TVR T4002001–2007Speed Six3996 cc
TVR Tamora2002–2006Speed Six3605 cc
TVR T350 (Targa & Coupe)2002–2006Speed Six3605 cc
TVR Tuscan1999–2006Speed Six3605 cc
3996 cc
TVR Sagaris2004–2006Speed Six3996 cc
TVR Typhon2004Speed Six3996 cc
Nikolai Smolenski Era
TVR Sagaris2004–2006Speed Six3996 cc
Speciality/Racing Cars
TVR Cerbera Speed 122/31997Speed Twelve7730 cc
TVR Tuscan Speed 122/3TVR Speed Twelve7730 cc
TVR Tuscan Challenge31989–(around 100 made)Rover V8/Speed Eight4500 cc
TVR T400R/Typhon GT3?
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